my shoes have grown
as my heart and eyes have seen
they walked with me,
since those first inaccurate stumbles
seeing surface and texture
slipped on,
leather formed about the feet,
or thrown in disgust
at a politicians head,
they walk with us
mutely seeing and interacting
as the  animal they once where
to a human misery,
without shoes connecting to earth
and nature of earthen creation,
ski hardening
to dust
and blacktop,
miles witnessed
to a freedom attained
toes as extremity population
encounter first and enjoy
what was once an overall entrapment
thorns may spike
stones may pierce
batons beat
and electrodes burn,
washed and anointed
our shoes are needed
and keep away the awful pains,
shoes see more
than we think

poetry , poem


  1. shanyns says:

    You are so right! Our shoes do see more than we think. Maybe it is a good thing they can’t talk after all! Love this addition to Poetics. Thanks for joining in.

  2. billgncs says:

    good poem… it made me think….

    how my shoes improve
    where once we stumbled
    each step uncertain, timid
    now they carry me
    forward with alacrity…

    thanks – bw

  3. Chris .. you capture well the walk of shoes… 🙂

  4. brian miller says:

    great closing lines chris…
    i think they , like our children,
    see more than we think.

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