Off The Perfumed Saddle

piano keys washed in honey [ woman bathing in time ]
sexualist extreme ,
broken straw bed
assembled ingredients of a virgins reflection

desire/slutton/erogenous/ unforgiving

bitter fingers play [woman dried on flowers flesh]
hungering absolute yet no permanence
jazz expelled drum beat symphony

tatoo/dollars /benign/fragile

[woman forgotten in memories light]
supple sinewy ghosts on sunset go


a raw experiment for @dVersePoets 55 prompt


One thought on “Off The Perfumed Saddle

  1. so many cool `and unexpected combinations starting with the honeyed piano–I love the brakets–there are various continuities here that work very well with the fragments. It is a great approach to the 55 limitation as it allows for a kind of interesting distillation. I admire this a great deal as I am someone that must always tie up all the loose ends –I think that can get very cumbersome for a reader. k.


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