sperm fades in eden

inhale crystal alice
staircase fingers touching my back,
rabbit martyr
tick , tock
late in the hole,
wednesday stays naively next to tuesday,
as mound of mouth
makes wanton sounds
oh sweet ace of hearts
burn my face
as at the table
in shame and desperation,
tea irresistible at the moment
with insanity breaking loose
mosaic tiles of words and thoughts
propose a whole new story
closer to the experience,
of what the dormouse knew,
shrunken head
damn liquid
mind implodes,
best to roll on back
tilt the ceiling to see the truth
four  thousand stars have brought

2 thoughts on “sperm fades in eden

  1. Well, I hate to identify with the dormouse but the pain and self-potioning here are so strong and something everyone (if they are honest) can identify with. I especially liked the “tea is irresistible” line which I felt could be read in numerous ways–for me, it is just needing sanity even if all out of whack–the sanity which for me, is tea–but of course, could be other meanings too–I love too (well lots) but oh sweet ace of hearts–the burn my face–and the wonderful close–the idea of tilting celing rather than head–it certainly feels that way at times. Thanks. k.


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