the rain was inexhaustible,
drawing his jacket
closer about his chest,
pacific rain and bothered grey
clouds added to urgency,
trees in their reach
did not create a canopy
dense enough,
unable to hear the helicopter,
footprints dissolving into mud,
but his scent would illuminate
nostrils of eager tracker with
muted eyes,
lowering himself
more towards the bushes,
water ran over his face,
he still felt heading north
was an objective,
finding the cabin
would of been easy
had summer still been here,
pausing for the slightest breath,
looked up at limbs
grasping from the trunk,
and wondered would it be worth it,
there would be no more marvelous
yesterdays vividness had given way
his futile hope screamed,
kneeling said a last prayer
and waited

  1. poetrypea says:

    Very intense, gripped me to the end.

  2. brian miller says:

    interesting…makes me wonder at the rest of the story…like a movie preview….

  3. To be the prey hiding in the woods… really a fascinating subject… I get the feeling of a fugitive running in your words… or maybe something for guerrilla wars

  4. claudia says:

    …wanted to write…like a scene from an adventure book….too early in the morning…smiles

  5. claudia says:

    heck…that reads like a tree from an adventure book…with the rain …the helicopter..sets the scene nicely..

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