all around
inertia falls apart,
leap to the call of the luperci,
the she wolf nurtured
needs bloods strong flow,
goat and dog sacrifice
sword dipped in blood

(boxes of cocoa confection)
compliant to the wine
goat purification,
fauna from the woodland
scythed into sheaves

(vases and pillows)
arts of abstraction
together in this time
of declaration and proclamation

(all for the twins)
born from vestal and mars
days of hunger
and ripe fertlity
gelase wished to end

(sacred cakes)
loins of vestal virgins
februa whipped
lustratio complete,

cardboard cast into trash
wilted and thornless
red petals scattered forlorn,
human pastoral tribe
exalted to the yearning
department store sales are up
and the day is done

  1. A lot of heavy metaphor in this to decipher. Final lines really say it all:
    “department store sales are up
    and the day is done”

  2. shanyns says:

    Wow. I really dig how you put this together. Well done!

  3. Oh yes, I’m totally with you on that last stanza… How we just get caught in the tricky marketing of department stores…

  4. claudia says:

    oh my goodness.. hopefully it needs no goat sacrifice to keep the passion alive… but this whole valentines day thing is surely a festive meal for the stores – gets their sales up…at least for a day

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