a not so barren rock

my mersey spine
back and tail
to my wirral home,
breathing over welsh hills
with ebb n flow of dee,
ferry lights
liver city waterfront,
this place so green and urban
has a pull
that lingers
to those toiling at sea
or travelling afar,
landscape pulls you back,
thors stone
lighthouses on the shore,
sandstone peninsula
of ancient times,
from road or motorway
distinctive in it’s way
born from the hundred,
it stands
this place
my home

5 thoughts on “a not so barren rock

  1. Again, like a grip in my chest, I am actually there standing on Thors Stone….. a snippet of a girl surveying all her exciting memories past and future. Thankyou I love this especially. Susan.


  2. This is lovely as the words feel so onomatopoeic–I’m sorry if I am spelling that wrong, but they feel like Welsh words, place names, and simply the feeling of rock and tie and wind and sand. Very well done. Thanks.

    PS _ are you a baseball fan? That seems a bit strange to me. I tend only to be a fan of the Yankees as I am from NYC and they were so fabulous around the time of 9/11. They made a huge difference to the City. k.


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