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alone on a dreams forgotten shore
that stray thundering sea
reached towards the sky

wind creased and folded grass,
elemental human hearts
away from pale insignificance
chime together

the fire has not vanished
silent dune blue air,
these memories will scar

and no holy intervention
can claim a dedicated tear

sigh and embrace
an eloquent arrival of intimacy
ripe silent love

ingest the once plain indifference
short breath saliva glisten

someone else can trace you
by indentation in the sand
and what sea birds say
in discordant voice

sunday whirl


Posted: December 20, 2014 in My Poetry
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Dull thudding rain,
wipers squealed on glass
red lights distorted,
music filled the space
using decibels
to shatter
the once and final
chance for closure,
mother lain to rest
no more
would be said


Posted: December 20, 2014 in My Poetry
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Threads of thought
snagged on my tongue,
unable to utter
even with a mumble
that I was admitting
a failure to remember,
days became clogged arteries
harder the restriction
the more I struggled,
had our love
been so nondescript
or was it so great
I blotted it out