appropriate senses

one day the paint becomes too heavy for the wall
and as it falls
i snarl at the wooden frame window,
going beyond
the being drunk for days on end,
curled flakes green paint
like that of a psychiatric unit
even smelled of it,
my body grey
not creased by laughter,
ceiling fan
juddering illusion blades
imagined tugging away flesh
from my bioluminescent bones,
once ridden by the sun
penetrated by raw illumination,
walls began to shift
i am to be released
as a lost savage
in a wet city

10 thoughts on “appropriate senses

  1. Wow this gave me the most unusual sensual reactions of any poem I’ve ever read. This is shocking in the way an electric eel is shocking. I think this is genius that you were able to use words to give us such physical reactions – ones that I would guess would be a reaction to electro shock therapy, or drug rehabilitation. This poem is a COMPLETE success. I have read surrealists and modernists who have worked hard to shock but haven’t achieved the ease and success you have here. Really fabulous poem…this is not satirical, I am absolutely serious.


  2. …those curled flakes of green paint, a poignant reality some wake up with. It’s not an easy experience being shut in for treatment of a psychosis, detox, or what have you; I love the lines:

    ” bareback
    once ridden by the sun
    penetrated by raw illumination,


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