Numbness by Karen Mary Berr

Leaves you breathless

Your One Phone Call

Maybe in some otherworld,
where no blood drips, and flesh
is just one flash from a derelict past,
where tears lie silent and dry
as placentas of salt,
where everything has a soul
but no nerves and no stomach,
men could find a form of ecstasy
in this awful stillness.

Maybe if we were all mad,
hysterical and naked, howling
like sex-wolves of the sixties,
but not inert as plants
retracting in a triumphant mist,
if we were not provided
with vacant eyes and defeated hearts,
a horizon could brutally break
through computers’ screens.

But we return from drunkenness
with no dream, no vision.
We’re immune to revolutions,
the past runs in our veins for amusement
and future eats it like a tumor.
Today has once again been cancelled.
It opened gently like the fist of a baby
eager to grab some brand-new toy,
now moves, blind, a blade above…

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“Wishes Come True, Not Free”

A brilliant piece that reaches into the heart


A friend admitted something sad to me the other day: “If you had told me a year ago, that this is where my life would be – that I would have her back, I would’ve bartered anything to have it then and there. Now I have everything I thought I wanted, and I’m… unhappy.”

This is a feeling I’d wager we can all relate to. I learned the hard way – don’t we all? – about getting what we want. It’s the concept of thinking we know exactly what we want and how we want it. Most of us are too focused on the tangible side of things. We obsess over the specifics of how we are going to get what want, the path we’ll take, what it will look like. We get so bogged down in the details!

What do you want? The secret to life is asking this question and…

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The political shenanigans of a group of wealthy men aimed at keeping the little people down

So sadly true

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Picture it, the start of a life, your born into a loving family, are brought up by that family to the best of their abilities given their social and economic backgrounds. As you grow up your family instills in you a sense of person, of responsibility and an ethos of how you should live your life and when you reach adult hood all of those things mean nothing because the government have messed up the economy of your country through their own greed and ego.
yp leaving home
At the age of 19 you want to leave home and start out on your own, you feel compelled to do this not because you have been forced to but because you have a partner or just want the adventure. What do you find out there in the big wide world? Well no jobs that’s for certain, not for your age group with no work…

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Wanderings with Chris…… a mad dash down to the beach

Always wonderful going on wanderings xx

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Driving back from Birkenhead on Tuesday evening i turned to my husband, my partner in crime and coo’d over another beautiful sunset. With a weary sigh i wished i had the energy to get my camera and go down to West Kirby and take photos of the beautiful sunset that was in front of us.
I haven’t taken any sunset photographs in over 12 months, we live in a delightful coastal town and the sunsets are glorious so you can get a bit sunset’ed out and i had made the decision not to take anymore pictures for at least a year.
We have had some lovely weather over Easter and i had watched some glorious colours in the evening sky’s and this evening i finally gave in and made my mind up to drag my camera down to the beach.
We got home, i grabbed my bag and we dashed…

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Benjamin Lawrence (19) – winter love

i have heard people say
they compare their love to a summers day,
but i will now say
i compare you to a late winters morn
bright sparkles full of beauty

a wind that blows taunting like you taunt me
ice frozen into mirrors hard yet easily broken,
just like the front you use to hide your emotions
and the first signs of spring adding energy
that animates your actions

but know while my heart beats
you will be more special than any winters day
and will have a special place in my heart
where you shall stay for eternity

by my son Ben who would love some feedback