Sail Away, Sorrow! (poem)

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Evy Zen

Oh, how I wish
I could
one-hundred percent water so you could throw
your sorrows into me and they could drown.

Oh, how I ache
to place
your aches
on a sailboat
& let  them go
until they get eaten
by the horizon.

But some pains—
they need to be felt
deeper than a blackhole.

I’ll be there on the other end, my friend,
I’ll be here along the way

& if it’s a helping hand you need, I will lend
& if the breaking hurts too much, I will mend.

There will come a moment in time when breaking
will cease, you will bend in the strong winds
like a bamboo forest.

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© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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