Hello, Where have i been

It has been a while, can you forgive me for not slipping words between your brain cells, words of poem or loose nonsense it has been a strange time , i became a Grandfather …yes who heard that right a Grandfather , another role to partake being around a small fragile skin bundle who is dare i say ..cute , i love her to bits.

I look around at the Mayverse and Trumpiverse we both sides of the pond have found ourselves in , insane i know we could never of realized it..but that is as far as i go about politics back to now.. the inexcusable silence draped like a morticians apron over you ..but i am back this is just a quick note of love to you all .

I am working on a couple of screenplays ..more to come soon so now i depart but i will be back .. where have i heard that before

3 thoughts on “Hello, Where have i been

  1. After all this time…that’s it?! Not even one teeny weeny poem to be getting on with…sigh! Congratulations on your granddaughter smiling at your pride – full of fuzzy feelings


  2. Congratulations, Gramps!

    I too am doing my best to declutter my mind from all things Trumpian, etc. It is damnably difficult.

    “where have i heard that before”?
    Well, for sure it’s slipped from my lips a time or two.

    Glad to see your words again.


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