Sweet Chemistry

Chemistry Set

A little sidetrack from usual posts , when I was a kid I was given a chemistry set just like the one above and my first thought was can I make something go bang , as any 9 year old would alone in my room I embarked on this quest mixed random compounds , heating some up until finally it happened with a loud phmmmff the cork blew from the test tube leaving a burn like mark on what was a recently painted ceiling , thus I panicked mom and dad would not be pleased, so I went to the bathroom cabinet and there was a jar of Lassars paste , I doubt a combination of zinc and salicylic acid , so with some dexterity of a chemical plasterer placed it on the ceiling smoothing it with good coverage , it worked I avoided punishment until a couple years later when my dad repainted the ceiling and revealed my handiwork.

So a little blast from the past , see you all soon

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