As Scarriet explained, the good sex poem is rare.

Ancient sex poems are mostly gasbaggy and vulgar.

Aesthetics concerns beauty.

This is not to say that exquisite words cannot tastefully embrace the erotic, but the demands of the poem are severe: not beauty alone, nor taste alone, but the beautiful and the tasteful together defines all that has to do with the muse.

The finest poetry cannot be raunchy—poetry and sex have different ends, different advertising, different careers.

Sex in a poem is either sexy—and not really a poem, or not sexy and a poem, perhaps. Love is allowed to hint at sex, just as offspring, sighs, or poems by Keats, do.

Love may be capable of uniting poetry and sex in an individual’s mind, but not in the public’s eyes. The poet, no matter what state of ecstasy happens to grip him, can never forget the eyes of the…

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