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The Jubilee is over and i am glad, i say it loud i believe in a Republic , the Monarchy has and will always be debated along with Empire and Commonwealth, in the 21st Century in a country that teeters off an economic precipice, it is inconvenient and expensive to have Jubilee and Olympics alongside a Global economic crisis, this country is falling apart, by the end of the year our fiscal matters will be a mess , i always look at things broadly.

At the Jubilee River Pageant they used workfare people made to work 14 hour day or lose benefits and shipped in from other areas, i know businesses like Argos use them, but they are a convenient way to not pay overtime which frees up profits for shareholders and corporation tax, and now talk of abolishing the minimum wage, wonderful renegotiate your contract as a lot of businesses, especially retail, have a zero tolerance policy you will get £2 an hour less. Now i hear that awful word slavery coming into play, the rift between rich and poor increases and poverty  grows like an ugly shrub which has probably been the worse the country has seen. The  government, whichever party it is, sees wealth and gain as paramount blinkered to the common folk, to the 1% it is good business sense personal income, profits and taxation All good but what of our ordinary people now working 50+ hours a week to earn the same as 39 and generate these profits as bonuses for shareholders.

It falls apart at the cost of human life, non negotiable wages are outstripped by costs, mortgages go up fuel and utilities. So desperate many are living on credit cards with extortionate apr, overdrafts, almost overstretched, this pressure will hit the banks and the fall out will be huge.

Government has to think beyond the 1% and that the people affected are the ones who stack shelves with your food, empty your bins, teach your children and sell you insurance. Spare a thought for the 99%  they are the cogs in the vast machine it is time for change all round.


Where are we going?

  Sometimes you keep your eyes in shadow, a gaze averted from what is about you. You see poor accommodation, houses in disrepair rented out to families at rents that eliminate most of their monthly income cheque, now with these houses in the gardens commonly known as ‘beds in sheds’ rough built outbuildings housing a number of people in tight impoverished squalor, part of the illegal trafficking in humans or taking advantage of immigrants who come to find fortune and comfort even local people find themselves ensnared in this darkness.

   Landlords prey on misery and syphon money paid by tax payers and benefits into their pockets. This suffering has to end. Has affordable housing stock been exhausted? Then why is the  building industry building homes out of the reach of ordinary people who have to beg to ‘pay day’ loan lenders to survive and become engulfed in debt.

 So many people and corporations are out for more and everything is finite and coming to an end. A man on minimum wage can not go further so will be absorbed and blamed by debt, accused of living beyond his means when he only wants to survive.

    Maybe to placate government we should sit in our one room sparse homes, eat gruel and count our few coppers into the tax pot. NO we want civilisation not over want as greed but to be comfortable, to be human. Is It not to much to ask?

R.I.P PC Rathband


R.I.P Davy Jones.

(Taken from http://www.onlineseats.com/davy-jones-tickets/index.asp)

3 thoughts on “Rants

  1. I love your rant and I especially despise the monarchy and wonder too, about the excesses in a time of crisis. But this is nothing new and I’m speaking as an ex-colonial brought up in independent Jamaica. Waste of money, the monarchy and the money behind the Olympics. I don’t understand it.


  2. Finially got to read your rant, sad story about the police officer- I wish he’d been able to stick it out and get the help he needed.

    I agree with your rant. Less gov’t means less reaching into the average man’s near empty pocket to inflate gov’t pensions, wasteful spending and greedy associations.


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