morning came

a turbid blue

Afreya awoke

stretching into her morning

wash away the sleep

soft gown falls

naked supple

moves into the garden

emerging from the still

green shrubbery

the ungrich

beaked and blind

with anal spewed eggs

that Afreya would sing to

her voice, her touch

broke soft shell

baby ungrich

fragile wet flesh

scooped and offered

Afreya took each one

devouring them

soft bony morsel

tissue swallowed

belly and breasts

began to swell

eager baby grew

her body tremors

with each and every


enjoying what mother ate

Afreya smiled

her own offspring

would come

to nurture on her red milk

the world would

become theirs

as Afreya collapsed

withering to a husk

she had done

what her birth had intended

repeat the process

and die again

in that way

Not my usual kind of work, but felt compelled looking at Michael Hutters paintings, that have defining and disturbing depth of beauty

Hollie McNish -Embarrased

padded diesel destination

legitimate was the legal nuance

given to his birth,


shouted out


by twists of double helix,

it would be another day

to see the man

who out of ego made love

to most of the attractive women

he saw,

now there was a son

it could of been damaging,

he thought as walking through

station plaza,

he wanted it to be,

the mother

had mattered was a consequence

for all of seven months,

they had loved

with a deep assurance

that she considered to be a gesture

of forever,

he wanted to move on to the next,

now he wanted the boy and his mother,

they headed towards him

on the train

and waiting twenty minutes

was a pale shadow

of the twelve years,

he felt a sigh lengthen

and a brightness flare


mother of the great flesh invention

the project

as songs and tales will have you know,

came from that technology,

mechanical milk pumped breast

delicious cream

to an unstilled conscious ,

stellar glow watches from above

as we evolve in growth

cell textures merge

and we appear

units that almost conform

yet defined by our features

unique to our body own,

then comes the urge

to put our own smudge

on this planet of

blue white and green,

the inquisitive sing

something called love

and by way of this

activate that thing called passion,

contortions and twists of

celebrated ecstasy

clamoring sweat

and processing our breed

by way of natural birth

swollen stomach

to be held and kissed,

as the mantra is found

and we have arrived


Infinite Reaches

a blade ground in salt

could not excise,

the growth of pain felt

swollen sea consumed dunes

natural barrier evasive

in it’s collapse

grass spikes protect,

she had been there

falling to the white edge,

now soaked

clutching at her stomach

that pouch beneath

with life partially formed

his sperm connective

by movement,

a moment taken

a decisive act

that had a consequence

now she wanted it away

wanting the sea to enter her

as it would a caves lagoon

swirl and wash debris away,

that was at first

now struggled away from

tidal grip,

hair a black concealment

falling over face wet

so her lips found salt,

beneath the raucous gulls

her imagined cell phone rang,

he would be there

the other not,

complex tissue entwined

by emotional forces,

it would remain inside her

till that time to emerge

to suckle on darkened nipple,

stretch marks illustrate

the act of betrayal

a map of satisfaction

that went further

together borne out of this,

cold prickled

her skin blotching red

shoes lost

slipped silent over sand

to a pavement lot,

car doors still open

once a water grave marker

now transport to a home

that would smell different


magpie tales statue stamp 185


We Can Be Read

years as chapters bisect life,

sometimes unread

others cluttered with paragraphs,

three daughters and a father,

unseen almost for novel length,

new lives

new mortal possessions ,

at an abstract distance

they had gone,

his bitterness a vile oil

through birth and extension,

then connection made,

grandchild opaque eyes

face untouched by life,

reluctant then relenting

folding away oil infused

parchment skin,

exposing heart and soul

for forgiveness and love

carrion to emotion,

an embrace that reaches

to the outer confines of space,

things would be different,

as he looked to the last pages

already knowing the ending

magpie tales statue stamp 185



femme comme des singes

truth electron tears

sourced by hand percussion drill,

positions undertaken by

fourth floor bureaucrats

with obsidian knowledge

passed hand to hand

to next in line,

five on the rope

she had there remainder

shadow staining dress,

undergarments shrunken

bare hidden forms

still secreted away,

tantalus would share

morsel by morsel,

tear decanter drunk

dry sliced eyes

circled on a plate,

leaves of the solitary unseen

grows on higher boughs,

no dreams would come

bureaucrats shimmer

one became ape in the room

wanting her now lain out

eating eye slices

tearing fabric,

bisect her flesh

find house of womb

betwixt the merry lanes,

and bestow

a lineage of being,

each passing memorygrams

of this day,

that history became a white puffball

untainted by wind

vibrant in an untethered life,

lips spill a smile,

it is done,

monochromatic lungs exhale

chaise long divan sprawl

psycho optic devices

watched from balcony

ape demure retreat,

sanctioned now by all,

foetal organism growth

placenta footed

leaving footprints

for tomorrow




Marvellous Breath

the foetus hired by

a different ideal,

had a bigger importance

than life,

created as a fancy

payment to democracy,

to pave a way

for laborers seeking

more than death,

with unblemished mind

like a cherry in the beak

of a thirsting bird,

words come on the

quiet wind,

mother feels you

wake and sleep

birth and dawn akin,

to be laid in a basket

of flowers,

bright eyes

changing wind

to laughter,

there would be

no more fallen

on foreign fields

leaves left on the surface

of a swift stream,

lips reach to the eclipse

there is other life

abide the balm that now

oils your body,

first voice the only voice

from subtle throat,

a silver link

for tender distances,

the soul will surmise

a transition,

surrender beauty

bring communal tranquility,

kiss mothers breast

milk not sunburnt wheat

tasted there,

all is complete

democracy feels

a quenchless spring

unlittered by irony