Queens New Clothes

a common girl

with barrow came

laden with folded cloth

the queen did look

and saw but nothing

yet advisors say

it is so beautiful

befitting for a millionaire

a common girl

seamstress sew perfect

said she could make

the most wonderful gown

a gown that those

on the other side

of palace walls

would admire and say

how radiant and divine

in chamber warmed

by embers of the poor

took this cloth

about her frame

and posed in mirror

that glittered gold

she did look divine

and decided on a procession

at the gates the dedicated few

who bought the mugs

and waved the flags

and sang anthem on

brainwashed breath

had heard of this

most wondourus gown

stepping from the carriage

the people

gasped in awe and horror

some began to cry

for this gown

the seamstress sewed

was of the flesh

of poor and subjugated

histories oppression an

awful stench

pinned together

with the bones of

crushed rebellion

the cheering stopped

more tears did flow

and a little boy

called out

she must go

Clay Path

had he not looked up

after checking the time,

would not be aware

of clay tiles and irregular

ridges leading to a spire,

framed lowlit sky

no moon,

he waited as if for inspiration,

maybe too much beer,

wishing to go up,

scramble on moss covered surfaces,

lifting each tile,

looking for messages imprinted


answers to his many questions,

an unsteady rock on feet

inhaling a cool sharpness,

it would wait,

no ladder or drainpipe available,

he thought of the spire

and building behind

and wondered if he could

get there.


copyright Margaret Bednar

http://margaretbednar365.blogspot.co.uk/  http://withrealtoads.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/sunday-challenge-around-world.html IGWRT prompt