Kelly and Collom Lune poetry form @dVersePoets

Kelly Lune



waitress waits nearby

watches close

as coffee turns cold



bitter winter sea

crawls on sand

watched by my old eyes



my penis a coiled shrew

unsure now

of nights intention



deeper goes the night

arc of moon

as one last whisper



lobbyist fed fat

corpulent senate stride

all devil may care



tv is not watched

unseen love

as i have crumbled


Collum Lune



once its said

breath caught by pale indifference

my moment gone



saturns many rings

given in wedlock to you

abstract stars collide



war no solution

as to hungers angry stride

crops not guns



you are secret

concealed by my winter poem

i only know



cast long shadow

burnished by low copper sun

cooling my ardor



blue painted walls

advertisement paled and nearly gone

i was here