Ivan Puni – Still Life With Hammer

Ivan Puni

Ivan Puni


Little Tombstone – ESMA

Emile de Antonio Painters Painting


morning opening light,

no strength to start the day

yet lit by sun

worn carpet

trellis pattern of brown and gold,

capturing crumbs,

those hairs she left behind

long auburn entwines

into pile,

catching on bare toes,

open loose cupboard door

and out comes old vacuum,

lit a cigarette

once connected to socket,

switched on

electric motor whined,

light flickered on nose

brushes beat at the carpet,

bag rattled

suction was just enough,

her removal nearly complete,

carpet would never be a

green grass in the sun

as his heart told him so


poetry for james dyson in the independent newspaper

Pink Eiga and Koji Wakamatsu

Koji Wakamatsu died last week hit by a taxi a tragic end to a man who directed and produced many films, his career began in the early sixties his first film Hageshii Onnatachi (1963) would star Tamaki Katori daughter of a Pharmaceutical tycoon and she would become a big star of the pink films that introduced sex and nudity to mainstream Japapanese cinema, Flesh Market was the first in 1962 and the Police intervened and the film was censored but the wave started and Flesh Market became a box office smash made for 8 million yen took over 150 million at the box office.

Koji Wakamatsu made over 20 films at Nikkatsu studio low budget erotica that also dealt with current affairs, social attitudes, disasters and celebrity, but the studio went into decline and Koji struck out alone, not as sleazy or dark as Giichi Nishihara, also Tamaki would appear in other films of his including Sex Jack (1970) that went to Cannes the story was seen as anti social as it dealt with students who wanted to assassinate the prime minister and hijack a plane.

Through pink film many independent production companies found a voice and box office.

Koji rode this wave and as producer found more international success with Ai No Corrida (1976) or In The Realm of the senses this was the first film of his i saw and the film despite being graphic and quite realist, based on the true story of a woman who had a husband that betrayed her sexually in every way that she cut off his penis and was arrested with it in her pocket.

Koji as director made 105 films that would each leave an impression be it good or bad but he was an artist his final film Millenial Rapture (2012) based on Kenji Nakagami ‘s novel which has received tepid reviews.

His work will stand and influence who knows now with his passing what will come next.