I Am An Original Man

misshapen methods

of a deeper part,

a thought from word


leaves the silence of the mind,

in childhood you vowed to stand


become a separate species by behaviour,

absorbing light upon the tongue,

bringing radiance to your words,

as you became older

and voice shifts .

tonal extractions became thunder,

leading not following,

joined to your own convictions

no excuses,

you perpetrate

what convinces you as right,

becoming oblivious

to calls and rejections,

these methods are in play,

under the umbrella of a party,

you have made your stand,

and all before become dust




Cautionary Nature

boneless spineless snail

traverse  the borders

in methodical one footed slither,

matted earth sticky trail

green shoots partially devoured,

leaving destruction behind,

going further with home upon

your back,

avoiding pellets scented by death,

away further

to less green places,

where the hunger consumes,

to shelter in an echoing place,

birds call above,

fear is not a concept

accepted in your nature,

you exist,

morals do not play the game,

paused close to a stone

found plucked rapidly


air whistles about you

before landing somewhere

unknown markers, tastes

and scents,

you cannot progress,

boneless spineless snail

staying till there is an empty shell,

becoming pale beneath a sun that

holds no righteous light.