kind of discovered

after a long break now moving back into the diverse flock and have missed you all

lips of dark closed,
night still warm
swallowed a graceless sun,
a seldom seen
bloated pig floated towards
that iron bridge,
a quarter mile away
in aluminium trailer
playing cards
table paved with bills
man and woman
lengthened the night
putting off
dull leering and sweating
his fat fingers
knowing places
that had companions in pain,
tethered dogs bark
their loudness echoed
and carried on the air
so the wild dogs knew
their lives where better

Also first poem written on a iPad , more to come

big bang

the sun throws shadows

with a sorrows art,

in native shade

away from that once

crawling dawn,

night some fragmented

feeling left on the floor

darkened more,

a cold patch

impossible with those

bare feet to tread upon,

sun would not fall

as fast,

in it’s streams she bathed

flaxen haired

so his red blood welled,

left behind

shadow grasped at him,

she turned

a smile

that chimed a mischievous


darkening face and chest

her peaceful calling

to which he moved

at her side,

kisses lifted lyric melodies

as hand in hand

would stay

till the glows last gleam

and the world teems

with wonder once again


Lets Talk Polaroid

blue shirt unbuttoned

looks better on you than me,

cotton fabric smother of the skin,

i see plain curves,

mound and veins

drunk canals of bourbon exchange

each tremor and no tentative kiss

sends light to my retina,

i have to capture

what is expressed before me

an instant emulsion image

this a moment,

to be placed in a drawer

for you will not be forgotten,

soundwaves interchange

music and voice,

slow dance cotton waft

glitter of the smile,

fragments of tomorrow

you will be forever

between the pages of my poetry