pulled from styrofoam

ice packed box

held by gill and jaw

placed on block,

silver scale shimmer,

black handled long blade

removes head,

short blade stabbed in

then drawn down spine,

snick of bone following line,

pale orange flesh revealed,

flaky flesh

when steamed or baked,

fillet laid on ice,

ready for critical consumer eye

valuing it’s worth for evening


another fillet from opposite

side scissor trimming leftover

bony flesh packaged for stock


anodyne muzak playing

dulling sensation

repetition takes over,

one box merges to another,

voracious feeders hunger

for more,

buying fillets broken down

into portions skinned and


light relief with colleagues

banter and play,

washing hands ,

hours pass,

time for a coffee

and reflect that you have

fed so many.