a file cabinet on the east bound state road

six drawers of the universe

filled with life he could not leave behind

twenty year commitment gone,

thick neck and morning lit face

parked up station wagon

silver leaf scars rusting

doors with rattling windows,

behind a marriage gone like perspiration,

a third from the sun creature

pushed into the office

low humbled

shoulders shrugged into body,

grasped that file cabinet

dragged it to the door lifting carpet tiles,

tailgate flipped open,

company property someone shouted

another mentioned 911,

all other lives abandoned

this was all he had,

one last look

eyes like roses on granite,

pulled away

smearing rubber traces,

freeway surrounded by suburban houses

urban outcrops to his canyon

that became a void,

cassette music kept the corpses away

those corpses of the past

that seem to claw and linger,

a siren

was it for him,

tailgate flipped lock busted

as file cabinet slid progressively out,

braking hard

it dropped on blacktop

engine stalled

a dead bronze beetle

car horns swarmed about,

grunting stood upright that grey oblong

last piece of life

scuffed and scraped,

small key on his chain unlocked top drawer

took out a warm shaken bottle of whiskey

and the gun he kept here since his wife

became afraid,

sucked in air

climbed on top and sat crosslegged,

heaven had shadows that would not conceal him

as he waited,

bullhorn call on gentle breeze

curved outline of the day a flat surface,

and a smile so human appeared




so fast to nostalgia

sleep had frozen her eyes,

pulling away a draft between them

limbs stretched unwound

gleaming wounds had healed,

away from window awake,

bathroom without light

under sink cupboard with bleach and mouthwash

a bottle of bourbon in reserve,

pushed door to a crack

sat on a closed toilet seat

without that gaping void beneath his backside

sipping from the bottle,

put a hand in his shorts

rolled his penis between thumb and forefinger

damp from her

and sniffed,

faint lights illuminated heart,

head twisted sideways located tissue

shame to dab away,

as if removing her fluid,

her scent it would all end,

four years together,

she had guided him through a dry silence

concentration and love filled

earth and sky

as a solitary he would be unable to dance

and lament in lengthy boredom,

instead he stopped

stood lifting seat

dropped tissue in

pissed a long stream on continuity,

bourbon safely away,

new swarms changed names of thoughts,

into the bedroom

sprawled uneven she lay

at the window clutched the moon

and drew it back in

to be with them

a smile softer than his lips normally allow,

then settled alongside her

freeverse, poetry , poem


mother of the great flesh invention

the project

as songs and tales will have you know,

came from that technology,

mechanical milk pumped breast

delicious cream

to an unstilled conscious ,

stellar glow watches from above

as we evolve in growth

cell textures merge

and we appear

units that almost conform

yet defined by our features

unique to our body own,

then comes the urge

to put our own smudge

on this planet of

blue white and green,

the inquisitive sing

something called love

and by way of this

activate that thing called passion,

contortions and twists of

celebrated ecstasy

clamoring sweat

and processing our breed

by way of natural birth

swollen stomach

to be held and kissed,

as the mantra is found

and we have arrived


spit bliss out

i do not have eyes for television

box square unplugged

cable for the rats to gnaw on,

ignorant pictures

in plastic frames support the wall,

as i can only writhe

on nylon chair

that scratches skin

through my shorts,

no virtue to extol

soon a knock

on screen door

impatient and angry

the men to make me homeless,

bacon’s under the grill

beer popped froth

a conscious memory,

i once was in circulation

at the local advertiser

till it closed

shuttered and blank,

no offices or booth’s

soon in it’s dereliction

to fall under the weight of pigeons,

i belch and move

feet sore nails cut too short,

glass that is uncleaned reflects

and i see myself

scratch the flesh of receding stomach

cupboards have been bare,

why did she go

i had eyes for her

maybe my reflection was a true response,

she was vivacious and sensual

tasted of tequila and almonds,

i had become arrogant and dull,

now with soul tempered

by need not want

i was better on my own



Brian liked the words i put on twitter for the challenge so i went for it and this is the result

noun: belch, circulation  verb: grill, extoll , writhe  adj : vivacious, homeless random: gnaw , sensual

Concrete Cadence

step off the train of thought

instant rain brushed eyelids

memories liquefied by time

cold clinging to fabric

the ride was over,

and without wings

bought with an angels gentleness

which he did not possess

flight too out of the question,

light lifted clouds on

bright shield shoulders

the past puddled about feet,

feet that avoided snare

of grasping brambles

that emerge through concrete

dust rose choking,

run the only option

flesh scraped into sores

to be picked later,

blue filled air

no unbalance steady pace

dropping back to a walk

as it became difficult

air thickened,

the one first deserves

to be blessed,

he so slow fell

to knees exhausted,

tender eyes closed

beneath folds of elliptic flesh,

found in his heart

the place he should of been

engulfed by gasps

of what had been prepared




Said as it Was

the clock as a passenger

looks with helpless hands,

as time often cast upon

the rocks of mans momentum

stalls past and present collide,

memory that flattering

cinemagraph of the synaptic’s

relays something other than was,

short breaths come

falter far from the heart,

we as living in this space


flesh wither

wrinkles cluster and deepen

bones become fragile,

yet we strive to linger on

place ourselves as memory on others

so that it is not in vain

even a fragile hand held

is a memory,

cruel tides wash through time

that pull and toss you about,

so steady you remain

until that moment,

that flesh becomes shell

and memory is a function

of recollection,

not ready

it happens

now it is time to accept

and face your own reflection




The Occupants

light a match to see the day,

clouds have darkened us now

pages from an idle press

avoid the subject of our lives

tender kiss an infants hand

and look into its eyes,

beyond the womb

we are still occupants

figuring out where we stand,

they tell us in a filtered way

we listen, then realise

the answer will be no

bread mops up gravy

but is no good for pain

TV shows give us reality

but that is idle  noise,

we have seen as clouds

stripped back

the ugly beast created

by greed and negligence,

now raise your hands

and raise your voice

the light is upon us

Transcript of The Brilliance

forget the outer air

that gathered as horses tread light,

lost to vanished ships,

all heart cast off as blossom fallen,

stammering voices lift over clearing

to an eagles satisfied self,

down in the orchards,

bird ghosts eat berries,

with wisdom and wildflower alchemy

she who has cold tears

and heart louder than thunder,

faced of washed stone

spoke with a low voice,

words lifted pain excising with precision

poison extracted no gauze to cover,

his tremors would be related in long

writing of a notebook,

where his heartfelts are mentioned in

great detail,

no crimson match could set it on fire,

only if she abandoned him

but first he was cleansed,

washing away remnants in rolling brook

her teeth showed on each shoulder,

memory thick as ink

went past the length of what tomorrow

would bring,

this would be written well,

loin and flank had ripeness of sacrifice,

hues of the soul

left him as a scattered person

for her to pick up from the rug of the


in that methodical way,

complete again would be left there

automatic and ageless,

a life for her to own

and to kiss as if of steel.