Darius Ortiz – Three Graces

Three Graces 2010 by Colombian artist Darius Ortiz


crawl to the knife

seismic interuptions

with sun borne gas epicentre

thunderous resonance of the cosmos,

catching messages from those afar,

accidental theorists

will counter color and comma’s of red,

is it a soup

our primal soup vindicating our creation

pulsing veins of human arrogance

take out a thousand letters to the truck,

count the terrorists who will object to

seeing her,

yes in the window of our setting harmony,

naked without dressing

and man’s venhement spit

cast from the place of serpents dwell

crawling with a whetted vengenance

and absolute length of time to survive,

her womb a dish

for the swimming and the egg to explore

and collide with cellular distraction,

it is her charm in nakedness to be our fear,

her gaze outreaches to that fury

of orange concentrics and geometry

we will be seen

we will be born,

to live by those messages

from those afar



Robert Delauny

Robert Delauny

Emile de Antonio Painters Painting

Brilliant piece on the Duke of Lancaster graffiti ship

Spikey Mouse Photography Blog

Chris and I went for a wander a couple of weeks ago, we try to get one day a week where we just take off in the car and head wherever the pointer lands on the map. This time it landed on Wales, Talacre to be exact! Now this has become a bit of an in joke between us as Chris did ask me if i wanted to go to Talacre for our honeymoon 18 years ago. Silly me thought it was in Spain! When it is 5.5 miles as the crow flies from our home. 🙂 Well we didnt go then but have been since. This day was beautiful, one of those rare winter days of deep blue sky, warm sun and no need for a coat, perfect. We drove over the Shotton bridge,  i am going back to photograph it, and meandered down to Mostyn. We had lunch…

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dissolute art




images cranked over canvas,

celebrity flashbulbs

kreig light flame


walls passionate configure

morals a now sewered creek,

tangent arcs

of eyes caught lust intensity,


expression of artist

alone watching,

wishing for moist stringy

damp exchange stream,


with his palette knife

excise flesh and society,

knead out the fleshy dough

breasts that bare themselves

to him

for signature and kiss,


rivets many to the spot

they stand,

exclusive voyeurs to insanity

and flagrant erotic exchange,

an orgy beyond the point

of isolation and intimacy,

a swirl of texture

and color,

witnesses to the end


Venus and the Sailor



woman is no illusion

upon far ocean,

she is seen and waits,

rough cobbled harbor wall,

to this they come,

wife, prostitute, lover, mother, daughter

they seek the man or men,

who cast off

to become part of vessels,

over wave and flounder home,

gone so long with tentative hearts,

that could constrict,

would embraces and kisses come

or would hands be left unheld

embraces undone,

awkward silence on the wall

an unsure reunion ,

played out in a longing fantasy

the woman with dark hair

in sweet obsidian shine

held a fixative gaze,

she wished to cast off dress to underskirt

take hold of her man,

dance quick steps folding within each other,

taste open salt upon his brow,

relish in callused touch,

his voice a shanty that lilts her heart,

barefoot ascension to that place

beyond passions linger,

cold shuddered she waited,

he waved

the fantasy felt assured.



Abstract Oil Alliteration

her gradient surface exterior

formed a lyric silhouette

to artist absorbed in thinking,

once at a ball had spoken

touching her tresses

out of husbands view

color of copper tangled the light

adding shine to his fingers

that lingered,

rich tones of whispered voice,

tremor in her breast

she agreed,

silent devoid of gown

peering at lilting gentle curves

hips with saunter

to a secret fold,

sensuous to a point

no absinthe was needed,

eyes reached drew her in

translated by brush and palette


rendering it all for gallery and


and his unquenched desire