Natures Loins

draw trees across my eyes

so that the view is hidden,

excluding one of my senses,

yet we are carbon companions

draw , store and extract,

i wish to see between your leaves

unless i touch cannot,

we breathe and share the earth

yet i am not rooted

i vaguely wander

no path very certain,

beyond your leaves her home lies

another like me,

i have loved

whereas you know not how,

your bark skin sensitive

can crack and lift

exposing fleshy underneath,

do you have an awareness

beyond what we feel as humans,

needing to see her i press on,

you snatch at me

sharp twigged remarks that sting,

without each other

we would be nothing except desolation,

make her visible to me

so that i can be loved again,

instead of falling

and becoming part of earth

and you





Turn The Soil

freedom is a ferment

of rhetoric rooted in

clotted earth,

turned by hand

and senate approval,

words grow

linguistic tangles of

law and statement,

a nation addressed,

trembling shoots

recover nutrition lost

leaves can only mottle

stagnant moments

of federal reserve

cacophony of calls

for it to be poured

to moisten

soak the soil

many hands upon the


few have strength,

resonant hearts

beat out

like drums across the


voters in a patient wanting

after TV debate,

they had knowledge

a profound affect

on the effect of the nation,

red earth

blue sky

white stars,

imagine what you see

virtuous cloth

cannot hide

hunger and strife,

passed boarded fronts

and foreclosure sign,

to take a line

and show with mark

how life should be,

then wait

pollsters want your souls

but the nation needs your


give it life and think,

do not leave it to the

history of memory,

from fertile earth

comes life.

the broken sweet and low

breathing long taken breaths

ocean pump heart

has no tired dismay,

brittle sand empties

breaking the vast silence

congealed brightness brought,

tenderness and ambivalence

white day out of mind

nothing seemed apparent,

thought flaps

as tattered curtains

taking no form,

bound by scent of incense

raising valiant blood fires,

almost holy,

freedom is an enduring harvest

that comes with water and prayers,

starlit beneath moaning sea

keep the disturbing flowers

to the edges of the room,

eastern carpets become thin

weave and weft,

show the dazed

feet can be placed assured,

no fear,

out of machines

comes the resonance we do

not want,

need time to look back

as the glass now empty,

by the light of a tremulous candle

all the unwanted scurries

as the shuffle of feet

leaves their exhaustion

clinging to the air,

they could of been

kings of the world