you have left the circus
but not the lounge,
guilty press noses
peering through steamed windows
as they feel the pressure of their burdens,
languish if you will
in knowing you imprinted
with a certain resonance
and we shall still converse,
language of the cornea,
visual impacting and verbal debauchery,
each pronunciation
earth to my ears
thrum and fertile,
so say hello now and then
on the ten thirty timeslot,
and i will watch,
so long fellow man
so long cineamatic soul


Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Tom Laughlin – Born Losers (1967) (RIP 1931-2013)

I do not own the copyright and is shared from a social media source as a memory of Tom Laughlin ‘Billy Jack’

hollywood boardroom

marty feldmans molar
sat on corporate bosses desk
an ironic find
in his pet rats regurgitation
that rat had lived in the actors trailer
now it gnawed on ear lobe
still damp from secretaries kiss
his moisture on her stocking tops
as he ordered bitter sale of shares,
he was protected
the molar had his back
luck came even more his way
until on boardroom morning
another corporate boss
fat on the rates they charge and manipulate
came in and claimed to be
possessed by clint eastwoods toenail
a cast off trimming on the set of magnum
and this could annihilate the molar
for eastwood was stronger
yet the humorous molar
would create wealth of laughter
that made the violent toenail dissolve
in it’s own dysfunction
there would be no sale
molar had prevailed,
subsiding to earth
on his stricken ship
tight foetal bound
at the loss
and marty feldman smiled

poet, poem, poetry

Fede Alvarez -Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) 2009

This was the short film that brought him to Hollywoods attention filmed in Uruguay