Where Have I Not Been

Hi everyone , sorry if the fluidity of this blog has been intermittent , i have depression anxiety and stress a trypitch of confusion words halt before they have been written etc i will not go on too long as i know i am not the only one and some of you folks have struggled in a similar way.

Focus is a funny word as is motivation neither i can give definition too at the moment , but i wanted to be honest with you all and keep you in the loop , poetry will resume after this brief intermission as will other writing of mine, the blank page will be a friend again but be assured i love you all and will be posting things that catch my distracted mind, so i go and look at words mix them up and hopefully ….. well you know , so long as i do not choke as they go down

Take Care
and all the best

12 Years A Slave – Solomon Northup (free download)

On http://www.archive.org there is the download for an early version of 12 Years a Slave in both epub and kindle format, a fascinating book that has been illustrated by Steve McQueens film that will do well at the Oscars, so here we go the link for the book


Wole Soyinka – Season

Rust is ripeness, rust,
And the wilted corn-plume
Pollen is mating-time when swallows
Weave a dance
Of feathered arrows
Thread corn-stalks in winged
Streaks of light. And we love to hear
Spliced phrases of the wind, to hear
Rasps in the field, where corn-leaves
Pierce like bamboo slivers
Now, garners we,
Awaiting rust on tassels, draw
Long shadows from the dusk, wreathe
The thatch in woods-smoke. Laden stalks
Ride the germ’s decay- we await
The promise of the rust

Wole Soyinka born 1934 Abeokuta Nigeria and won the Nobel Prize in 1986