bourbon flavored font’s

two glasses unwashed

sat upended fragile in their shine,

opened bourbon

a long mouthful held then swallowed

his bourbon her breakfast,

moving from one room to another

morning cool on skin

she wore only panties,

typewriter on oak

bold keys hold promise

again it was his

the cat shared moved onto lap

as sitting down,

chatter of keys as poetry flowed,

to him she was a disposable muse,

she did not care

being on all fours

fucked from behind

staring at cotton bed linen

her mind could think

without his face ,

all he needed was the mirror to pose,

weave of cotton held a story

as she thought of next poem

he too had release,

it was a kind of love,

they used each other in

different ways

Raw Oxidized

Oxidized bent into alternate shape

steel formed and defined

by us one fall,

the old green blanket

dragged from Buick trunk,

beyond the sink and realtor hours,

arranged a promise to meet,

gold on fingers no restraint,

cool mist spread

as if to muffle those who knew us,

temptations touch was strong,

discreet parked,

sparse tree’s that would be acquainted

with color again in spring,

tremors and kisses,

only sounds our clothes

and hands as they spoke in undressing,

flesh tinted by greasy window light,

all yearning was concentrated

upon each each other not in love

but temptation and lust,

to know each other briefly

not eternally,

hearts cluttered with other worlds

of length and importance,

this was an only moment,

for her it would evaporate,

for me as i stand

then bow touching bent steel,

i remember that truly

wanting something unable to attain,

love had been a receding  tide

and new island found

but that too had been consumed and lost,

and i was left with a memory

beneath graying folds of hair