Rabbit Pick Up

hands on the three spoke

after loading cassette player,

she sat angled beside him,

just been at the drive thru,

crumpled paper napkin

dabbed those lips

and stayed in her hand,

it was not really his kind

of music,

loaded a tape last night

some recorded off the radio,

she smiled ,he felt tense,

expectation filled the cab

like cigarette smog,

answering his subconscious

looked in rearview,

leaned across and

met in a kiss,

“more more more”

came the lyrics

smiling through locked


hand in hers napkin fell

to floor,

edge of evening blurred

with reason,

they where dating now.

New Light Calls

night has a transparency

imagined or real,

a place before

filaments of light

illuminate horizon,

each beckoning breath

in solitude,

gives darkness an edge

that is solid,

visibility heightens

the heart quickens,

memory a chequered

blanket unfurled

portraits on the retina

in time long exposed

to attributes of being

amongst life,

intimacy a vagrant

of the heart,

wandering far from the only

mortal fixture,

only solace to find a soul

who could be enveloped

in the passage of your

time and find greatness


a greatness beyond the

limits of life and its

restrictive boundaries,

a life to be condemned

to be painfully short,

yet where a soul nourished

that existence and gave

passion surrendered,

all that came within darkness

was new light