sperm fades in eden

inhale crystal alice
staircase fingers touching my back,
rabbit martyr
tick , tock
late in the hole,
wednesday stays naively next to tuesday,
as mound of mouth
makes wanton sounds
oh sweet ace of hearts
burn my face
as at the table
in shame and desperation,
tea irresistible at the moment
with insanity breaking loose
mosaic tiles of words and thoughts
propose a whole new story
closer to the experience,
of what the dormouse knew,
shrunken head
damn liquid
mind implodes,
best to roll on back
tilt the ceiling to see the truth
four  thousand stars have brought

fever on the funship

grampus in my thoughts

vessel resonant to pharaoh’s dance

from a bitches brew,

no mirror

no media

in any sarcasm would find me

i would smoke

i would dance,

old hulk decks creaking

as my silk collar shines,

from cabin to hold

the merriment stretches,

i would distance myself

and not be portrayed

anonymous to all but the

lips and tongue i entwine,

whiskey manufactured in the south

smoky sweet tingle,

it was migration

or mitigation

of many ravenous appetites

bologna sausage and sweet mutton,

so vibrantly lost

room extended that i was hidden

faceless in the extreme,

music of davis found me

wanting more,

gilt frame my hair once neatly combed,

come grampus

tilt on rolling waves,

find me a place

of nonchalant obscurity,

saxophone and drum

the ariel had been lost

it was memory that

dragged me down

into the depths

that would fill my lungs

with salt water,

careful heart placement

extracted blood from veins

i was infused with a rhythm

that could only lead to one conclusion

i was intimate in my body

with all of one species,

more smoke

more mirrors,

hearing snare and guitar

long days vanished

a place found

yet i could not reveal

who i totally



René Magritte not-to-be-reproduced-1937

magpie tales statue stamp 185


Transcript of The Brilliance

forget the outer air

that gathered as horses tread light,

lost to vanished ships,

all heart cast off as blossom fallen,

stammering voices lift over clearing

to an eagles satisfied self,

down in the orchards,

bird ghosts eat berries,

with wisdom and wildflower alchemy

she who has cold tears

and heart louder than thunder,

faced of washed stone

spoke with a low voice,

words lifted pain excising with precision

poison extracted no gauze to cover,

his tremors would be related in long

writing of a notebook,

where his heartfelts are mentioned in

great detail,

no crimson match could set it on fire,

only if she abandoned him

but first he was cleansed,

washing away remnants in rolling brook

her teeth showed on each shoulder,

memory thick as ink

went past the length of what tomorrow

would bring,

this would be written well,

loin and flank had ripeness of sacrifice,

hues of the soul

left him as a scattered person

for her to pick up from the rug of the


in that methodical way,

complete again would be left there

automatic and ageless,

a life for her to own

and to kiss as if of steel.