adjustment into darkness

from memphis to eleusis

found his place in harbor lighthouse,

after challenges underground

proved his worth more than stoic penis

wrapped in demeter’s poppies,

his light house

the only light he knew

had no lover to share,

so wished to discover others,

red mullet of extraordinary size

spoke to him of those that make love

on the beaches at night,

he was being called on to do

serapis whispered over pillows

into sleeping ears

keeping the light bright with oil

sent out that red mullet

scaled fish of land and sea

and it would return,

raising from the sea

with line and hook

secured the writhing eel

of couple snatched from sand

they became his lovers for the night

venting lust and sadism on both,

be it man man or woman love to be


when done said his prayers to

the face of apis

tormented by pain,

then with surgical practice

cut them and fed them to the

mullet that sang,

the time would come

when fish and man would

indulge in passion,

his sperm food for the vitellogenesis

and his spawn

would find other oceans

to claim their own

art, media, fish

The Big Catch by Catrin Welz Stein

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Red Spark Passing

Pyre by Karen Lawrence

sordid burden torture

nails drawn blood off the page,

bitter cupped sun drawn on blinds,

silver and grey,

once sounded young as lean grass,

murmurs of broom over grave,

bleak gnat lands delicate,

without my wreath

i burn thorny pain,

of stacked timbers into pyre

vagabond read calmly,

as i am lain upon,

no rain on rapid flames

eventually be an ashen haze

lingering over muddy flowers,

my salt drawn away,

evaporated to a sky that has

an altered embrace,

smiles bare rock tooth gape

awaiting on the side once thought of,

my heart caught in a chest cleft

never righted my ways,

now melted i without grace

had departed

no one would remember the old times

only the flames

that gave to the night nothingness

Flame by Karen Lawrence