in lovers eyes

buttoned down eyes

struggle to open,

sunbeams poured into the bowl

milk a cold half empty vessel,

we have drained each other,

scuffed table thread scratches

did we need electric lights

or the cigarettes not lit,

crackle of another star dying,

limbs bare

outside sirens call,

no matter what others think

there where wolves in the wood

warning voices raise to the moon,

yet as frail apes

we still smoked,

coffee forgotten got drunk

mornings so hard to translate,

she wished to the height of man

and i looked down,

clutter of the everyday pushed

aside as we made love again,

and know that nature will save





Woman As A Season

a woman has a correct eye

one that penetrates deep

between lines of sunlight

reading clouds, tasting air,

flavor is there

cool musty lychee dawn

fleshy pulp of golden coming,

resonant sounds filled the clouds

adding iron to the silence,

winter was a long breath away

autumn came first,

shed of green leaves burn bronze

streams fill and swell

nature laying down

a woman has an automated touch

fingertip brush that works the earth,

cooling firm soil

soon discover frost,

suspended as belief,

apples and cinnamon

warm pie and ale,

ashes in fire rekindles embers,

forests lay paths of leaves

moist and cling to feet,

then dry curling crisp,

kicked into piles by laughing children

a woman has a malleable heart

shaped and formed on whispered breath

clouded from mouth in morning,

days shorten,

clock has no time

fingers bent in persuasion

to the season,

she found a place now

a place she liked,

glad summer was evaporating

in it’s own heat,

and winter held it’s snow at bay,

she related to this

feel and consider her life

a moment at a time,

autumn was her time,

her time alone and here she