camels and polaroids

cigarettes an abbreviation

to thoughts darkening,

a twist of  cyanide,

crushed camel packet dropped

too many smoked

mouth stale not as nature intended,

parked up

windows hazed slightly,

those words he had written down

being spoke to no one,

he could not bring himself to knock

and apologize,

over thinking a problem

made it only worse,

could they make up

or would leaving six years be easier,

he wished to be painting that

green wall again,

had she seen his car

panic a dense butterfly fluttered,

one glance a mans shape

at the downstairs window,

sudden confirmation

jerked ignition started and left

he had photographs

Lets Talk Polaroid

blue shirt unbuttoned

looks better on you than me,

cotton fabric smother of the skin,

i see plain curves,

mound and veins

drunk canals of bourbon exchange

each tremor and no tentative kiss

sends light to my retina,

i have to capture

what is expressed before me

an instant emulsion image

this a moment,

to be placed in a drawer

for you will not be forgotten,

soundwaves interchange

music and voice,

slow dance cotton waft

glitter of the smile,

fragments of tomorrow

you will be forever

between the pages of my poetry