the zoo inside

loves dozen roses of nonsense

absorb the tears

bowing scarlet faces

like captives not yet freed,

unable to see the stony sky

witness to this fall

grey wet clouds furrow

sun struggles to shine,

she knelt thinking of his heart

as a homeless man

moving into oceans waves

shouting at the albatross

with salt tainted voice,

he was baptized

and she became afraid

of the creatures inside him

lurking with their brutal flesh

beyond fables tale,

waves over him

spray and foam he fell

swept out

her tears continued to fall


walked into the garden

with a ghost of no return

his path named as a storm

that rent open her gates

she could not hold anymore

restless memories

and vertical shining eyes

it would be a fresh start

poetry , poem

sublime oranges

he measured the room

by volume of the dark

with light subtracted,

moving as ulysses did in hades

he would find breakfast on the sand,

ocean not so far away

as high tides where relevant,

rituals began

ideas stencilled on embryonic dna

created this path and outlook,

sometimes he felt it was only he

he revolving and the earth had stopped,

it was not a crisis of meaning

only an imbalance on his poetics,

even in the dark

he could place a pen nib and write

about placing kisses on her

naked arcitecture,

a finding in deep silence

what she had really meant

under that cloak of shuddering mysticism

pen scratched paper

it would be ten pages,

before images faltered and pen halted,

ignoring wine that had already spilled on

table top,

peeled an orange

segmented aspects from which to

derive a special calm,

her bewitching had been an interference

but now choking fumes cleared

and he was at last

truly free

poem, poet , jazz



he fled those vicissitudes

and hid in the parables

that spread like marmalade

over his life,

as an intrinsic alchemist

transforming the jewels

that drew light into her eyes

nymphlike was not always,

she kissed his lyre

and lingered on the notes

crouched mouth to mouth

the dust of longness

passed between them

hands often released

and time again became frail

his tremors sounded as trumpets

with impossible sobbing

a deep reconciliation

a finger of saffron stained

the tongue

and wafted in embrace

yet he could no more

and neither she

amazed at speech carnivals

that wound words over

rolling track

pirouetting horses dance

to an inconvenient truth,

he listened to the stars

and read long passages

delirious now that it was


tomorrow became perpetual

sinuous flow


word of the day your favorite word i got carried away again so i hope it works as i have not been functioning so well recently , all the best


bring it close

rubric incense and decay,

he smacked roses aside

with tears like hail,

the moon rolls over unmown grass

tender leaves strayed from branches

coating loafer shoes

and when kneeling

clung to thighs,

her virginity wingless broken

could there be a return,

all that seemed so recent,

atmosphere beyond sunset glow,

daisy crown waiting

guitar loses the song,

his breath in bones

that once held her

hollowed out dim lamps

projecting little beyond the

steps taken to return,

there would be thunder

intimate connection of clouds

fronts and lightning arcs,

beyond straining ears

he wanted to talk

place words in blocks before you,

no chill or dismay

crucifix demure,

adolescent me had been

limbs lips and wrought agony,

divine lamps

slip beneath a long horseshoe moon

he that was me

bent solemn

over the cold oak

rain soaked

never letting you know




Infinite Reaches

a blade ground in salt

could not excise,

the growth of pain felt

swollen sea consumed dunes

natural barrier evasive

in it’s collapse

grass spikes protect,

she had been there

falling to the white edge,

now soaked

clutching at her stomach

that pouch beneath

with life partially formed

his sperm connective

by movement,

a moment taken

a decisive act

that had a consequence

now she wanted it away

wanting the sea to enter her

as it would a caves lagoon

swirl and wash debris away,

that was at first

now struggled away from

tidal grip,

hair a black concealment

falling over face wet

so her lips found salt,

beneath the raucous gulls

her imagined cell phone rang,

he would be there

the other not,

complex tissue entwined

by emotional forces,

it would remain inside her

till that time to emerge

to suckle on darkened nipple,

stretch marks illustrate

the act of betrayal

a map of satisfaction

that went further

together borne out of this,

cold prickled

her skin blotching red

shoes lost

slipped silent over sand

to a pavement lot,

car doors still open

once a water grave marker

now transport to a home

that would smell different


magpie tales statue stamp 185



another early poem to give an idea of how the old mind works

brittle porcelain features,
shatter on the fallen
fragments form
grotesque patterns,
as kneeling you touch
and weep,
each piece gathered
in your apron,
poured into the trash
clattering as aberrations
of your heart.

Portrait of Things

a handful of ocean

to replace the tears,

that stung razor cut aqueous humor

pressured by fluid on cheeks

and tasted at corners of mouth,

in her protective nest

among the rushes society grew,

her temptation an anchor

buried in water and weeds

souring by the day,

soiled tongue darkened by

language and apprehensive pain

of words that can hurt,

she had left him behind

the one who became a shadow,

yet her cleft had known his

two fingers

and tobacco kiss ,

rising up on tidal swell

she placed herself away

into the corner

until he had definitely gone,

the powder of air

would fall and settle,

and finding strength

climb from nest

onto another’s cotton shoulders

and exaggerate her heart

artist ; Isabelle Rolles

artist ; Isabelle Rolles


Last Look Back

wish a word she held

stuck to lips like annoying bit

of damaged skin

those feelings,

bound her to the ground

leaden weights of perfect love,

we he would say

his way to think a solution

including her in all but answer,

a thread of words

a string of verbal saliva,

without meaning or power

it was always his way,

why does it turn out like this,

within four walls and shingle roof,

men again provocative and arrogant,

she had known another before

but could not stop herself

women are suckers for this

this routine of men needing as he did,

wish been granted she moved again,

located keys to the sedan he said she

could not drive,

and headed out,

a single emotion clutched her heart




thanks to the Sunday Whirl and words for the prompt

Gadfly Bitter

three fucking sides,

all contained by Maslow,

cornered that abstraction of my mind,

my motivation

was self actualization,

rather than messy physiological,

i had no need for pain

searing transmutable feeling,

textured and phrased in life,

physiological was her

to be excreted from my mind

before that word of babies

and the pushing of a pram,

her ideal not mine,

she saw life in colors,

emotional spectrum that concluded

fear, willpower and hope,

i had reacted to none of these

probably made each more defined

in the lethargy of my words,

battle lines layered down

indivisible by touch,

peace a searing brand

upon my buttocks,

it would winter away,

lilac time was coming,

there in my own identity,

things would not burn

or boil into steam,

forget her now

left to that sound inertia.

Primitive Flesh

pale against dark,

sinews of night

by candle,

honeyed voices

and gentle sways

of lullabies

arches of iridescence

illuminate painted walls

a moment

extends it’s life

a passenger riding

an hour,

touches that burn

nature that betrays

beyond the hour

all will extinguish

and bear no revealing