sedoka #2

clouds soft cloak nature

reign of fury dissipation

as drenched by isolation

furies last tremor she feels

he walks earthen tracks away

no more fury to caress

big bang

the sun throws shadows

with a sorrows art,

in native shade

away from that once

crawling dawn,

night some fragmented

feeling left on the floor

darkened more,

a cold patch

impossible with those

bare feet to tread upon,

sun would not fall

as fast,

in it’s streams she bathed

flaxen haired

so his red blood welled,

left behind

shadow grasped at him,

she turned

a smile

that chimed a mischievous


darkening face and chest

her peaceful calling

to which he moved

at her side,

kisses lifted lyric melodies

as hand in hand

would stay

till the glows last gleam

and the world teems

with wonder once again


Sixty Miles

drive over rutted dirt
tracks of others,
at sloped angle
park up
pull coat closed
more snow coming
binoculars out the
in the distance others
gathering their breath,
a haze
can they see it or have
i missed it
sixty miles for what
a bird the wife knows
what it is
she has gone on
anticipating a rare
i feign wiping windshield
shes with them
one guy in fatigues
placed a gloved palm
on her back
so intimate
sixty miles to find out


Conversion To Irony

i became the cigarette

just finished

a stub fallen

ash beneath your feet

i can curl my fingers

about yours

wishing to hold on,

yet i cannot

your scalpel tongue

has dissected each

to phalanges bone,

i am lead to a time

when i knew where

my footsteps went,

but with bourbon comfort

exact latitudes can be awry,

loosening grip

wishing yet again to feel

the cushioned curve of lips

on mine,

but that was gifted away,

i am on the obverse of the coin

the side that falls first

not to see the sun rising,

we will not be the lovers

crying to get older,

parted as strays banished

to territories fixed by hearts

and actions of the mind