vessel is broken

oscillation of my heart

a thrum of false applause

nova wheel turns

in loose hands palms sweaty

streetlights searing flares

in greasy windshield stain

accelerating with measure

not panic

plastic neon afterglow

rearview shadows and transcience

nicotine once craved

alcohol once craved

cardboard cup balanced

lid slipped with brown liquid

it’s smell filling nostrils

along with dog

and after days perfume


those voices thrown and snatched

can be taken back

into a street

cop car drawled on by

tree lined urban paradise

front porch orange glow


engine silently waiting

would she disturb the curtains to see


was he wrong

then he remembered

she was gone

they where gone

counselling for grief

counselling for depression

arguments outlive those who shout

that once beautiful house


shotgun splattered

with crimson design

rocking slowly to and fro

applause had silenced

into the false abyss

he would be in the shadows

a footnote on a headstone

living without a porch


foot on gas

rubber black stained

breathing in circles

window open

a destination yet unwritten

bring it close

rubric incense and decay,

he smacked roses aside

with tears like hail,

the moon rolls over unmown grass

tender leaves strayed from branches

coating loafer shoes

and when kneeling

clung to thighs,

her virginity wingless broken

could there be a return,

all that seemed so recent,

atmosphere beyond sunset glow,

daisy crown waiting

guitar loses the song,

his breath in bones

that once held her

hollowed out dim lamps

projecting little beyond the

steps taken to return,

there would be thunder

intimate connection of clouds

fronts and lightning arcs,

beyond straining ears

he wanted to talk

place words in blocks before you,

no chill or dismay

crucifix demure,

adolescent me had been

limbs lips and wrought agony,

divine lamps

slip beneath a long horseshoe moon

he that was me

bent solemn

over the cold oak

rain soaked

never letting you know