padded diesel destination

legitimate was the legal nuance

given to his birth,


shouted out


by twists of double helix,

it would be another day

to see the man

who out of ego made love

to most of the attractive women

he saw,

now there was a son

it could of been damaging,

he thought as walking through

station plaza,

he wanted it to be,

the mother

had mattered was a consequence

for all of seven months,

they had loved

with a deep assurance

that she considered to be a gesture

of forever,

he wanted to move on to the next,

now he wanted the boy and his mother,

they headed towards him

on the train

and waiting twenty minutes

was a pale shadow

of the twelve years,

he felt a sigh lengthen

and a brightness flare


smile i’ll remember forever

train skin

wore graffiti colors,

glass reflected eyes and faces,

buskers guitar

held long notes,

platform grey expanse

tactile under shoe,

bag under arm

pressed on board,

smell of air freshener

an attempt to find springs odor

yet came across as dull

and antiseptic,

coarse fabric seats

fabric mottled color

designer rooted in the 70’s,

each jolt of the carriage

added to the queasy feeling,

anticipation already riddled

body with tremors

cell phone ring

not the same but similar,

it would be ok,

station came closer,

on this station plaza

life would be reaffirmed,

as my father

seen for the first time

since my ride on the





It Becomes True

bough bent in curious arc

protecting from the sun,

two people sat upon

roots gripping earth,

she held her dress

snug about the knees

avoiding embarrassing  breeze,

he beside her

spoke more softly

than his baritone normally


below the village

red slate rooftops

refracting light,

he place a hand upon

her arm,

assuring the words spoken

meant something,

birds added chorus where once

shellfire boomed like a bitterns


these houses below

pocked by bullets,

he looked at her

she still stared

at rows of houses,

laundry being hung on line

children playing tag,

normality, a calmness

a unification occured,

love was shapeless

without borders,

it could solidify,

and become that unbroken


she turned moving

loose hair strands

from face

and kissed