decline of our morning consumption

The media we look to them for our news , incisive articles and the best our arts have to offer, well NO it is changing and two things fueled this piece one the Chicago Sun Times says it is doing away with book reviews and on the BBC Morning show recently they interviewed the rapper Dizzee Rascal and one question he was asked referred to the intrusion of journalists in his life, his response was that they have to as they are part of the entertainment culture since when have journalists been entertainers is media falling into one big trap of celebrity and gossip , it will no longer have relevance already i see celebrity pregnancies reported before news articles they have slipped down the chain , international news dwindles i guess our social networks are now filling the gap, people journalism blogs and dedicated sites , i have to admit i do enjoy picking up a newspaper but by the time you have eradicated adverts, celebrity and gossip what is left and on tv analyze what you see, it is slipping us by. Another response to Dizzee would be seeing journalists on Survivor and other reality tv , journalists are not entertainers or celebrities they report our society as it is ,they give us the information we maybe cannot find orselves.

One scenario a country with a troubled government , the population will know more of Jessica Simpsons pregnancy and the latest nipple slip than who is governing and  this is dangerous we still need to be informed knowledge is an asset not a luxury let some sensibility return

defects of the elephant crush many

shadows standing empty

as we moved from the tree,

he worked with sweat for bread,

she wore only handmade dresses

fabric accumulated from a saving mother,

he had written to her heart

as it understood the depth

that his motive went to,

every day in lengthy plan

hours conceived into moments

stolen away from the factory

to the hill,

sanctuary of silence from the state

propaganda and revolution,

fresh baked filled the air with a resonance,

they as patriots fervent as they are lovers,

planned wedding and battle

as an intertwined plan,

analogy of expectation

that had no sourness,

ignore siting safe indoors

sound the bells of union,

warm tingle of happiness

before the steely clamor

of guns

spring-1935 kuzma petrov-vodin

magpie tales statue stamp 185


room to let at the end of the cosmos

i keep her flatpack

with the armadillo

and awkward typewriter

in a set of drawers,

sat lopsided in one corner

of a once oblong room

concealed by dust

whose motes once illuminate

by the moon

it’s dream fills the window

and spills on floor,

i was at my peak

not meaning that poor

comment of manhood

in those shorts

with memory of yesterday,

but my written word

pages in courier 12 point

bound by petals

picked from a border

lost in objective

of growth and color,

agent calls from that golf course


voice already mixed with alcohol

so that vowels elongated

consonants stumbled,

staff attended his empty glass,

i voided my verbal bowels

and got him to hang up,

needing more than a cigarette

or cut up powders,

locks down some thought

to translate later,

room empty

pit of stomach empty

hunger that daily reward,

i moved back to drawer

could cardboard live,

without instruction

manual lost

one furious session,

fingers would be stone

immovable unable to build,

she would remain

away concealed as a secret

while i furnished my heart

ready to receive,

yet still blank

to what should be felt