you have left the circus
but not the lounge,
guilty press noses
peering through steamed windows
as they feel the pressure of their burdens,
languish if you will
in knowing you imprinted
with a certain resonance
and we shall still converse,
language of the cornea,
visual impacting and verbal debauchery,
each pronunciation
earth to my ears
thrum and fertile,
so say hello now and then
on the ten thirty timeslot,
and i will watch,
so long fellow man
so long cineamatic soul


Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Michel Gondry – Haircut Mouse (2013)

Before Michel Gondry descends upon us with The We and I (2012) that did well at Cannes and Mood Indigo (2013) about a woman with a flower growing in her lungs , he gives us this short film so enjoy

Haircut Mouse by Michel Gondry from Michel Gondry on Vimeo.