Adela Zamudio – Man Born


Much work she spends

By correcting the awkwardness

Of her husband, and at home,

(Allow me to gawk).

As inept as fatuous,

Follow him being the head,

Because it man!

If some verses written,

In any such verses are,

That she only subscribes.

(Allow me to gawk).

If that one’s not a poet,

Why such an assumption

Because it man!

A superior woman

Do not vote in elections,

And vote the rascal worse.

(Allow me to gawk).

As long as you learn to sign

You can vote an idiot,

Because it man!

The folds and drink or play.

In a reversal of fortune:

She suffers, fight and pray.

(Allow me to gawk).

That she will call the “weak”

And he be called the “be strong”.

Because it man!

She must forgive

Having being unfaithful to her husband;

But he can avenge.

(Allow me to gawk).

In a similar case

You can even kill him,

Because it man!

Oh, mortal privileged

That perfect and complete

You enjoy certain popularity!

In any case, for this,

You enough

Born man.

 English translation of the Bolivian poet Adela Zamudio 1854- 1928 she was a complete artist , poet, writer breaking convention often , and looking deeper into the soul of mankind she also used the pseudonym Soledad, Bolivian Womens Day is on October 11th the date of her birth

Christine Choy & Renee Tajima Pena & Charles Bukowski Best Hotel On Skid Row (1990)

The Best Hotel on Skid Row from Obsidian Obelisk on Vimeo.


by Chris Lawrence

by Chris Lawrence


even the pigeons did not come

sandstone witness

to the empty bench,

he had fallen

been in hospital,

children fretted and nursed,

she had no one

almost homeless aged forgotten,

they spoke at the bench

smile with long memory

a life known and understood,

her smile of crooked dentures

and whiskery chin,

those eye still had reality and youth,

at eighty two it is hard

to find love was strange,

unusual to most people,

yet as hospital tubes gave sustenance

she had lain in her armchair

ragged flat

no gas fire

no tv

and lived in afterlife

found by police

through splintered door

it would be hard to explain

yet the bench remained



Mother Mediates

a scream a real pain scream

what is it

he hit me and took my car away

he is your brother

but he stole it

you live under the same roof

he cannot steal

but it is mine

why not share

not with him he is ugly

he is the same flesh and blood

but i hate him

hate is a strong word

i don’t love him

that is cruel

remember when he helped you

when you where afraid of the dark

i still hate him

he annoys you that is all

and you respond

we love each other in this house

dry those eyes

come here give back the car

sorry mum

don’t apologize to me

apologize to him


say it properly and give him a hug


that is better

friends now

i think so


it can be this simple




To The Unborn

look over shoulder

see clay bed made,

fate spoke over bloody fray,

wheat will not touch fingertips,

sun of the morning will not reach,

your name your country’s

belong flesh and bone

consummate to government,

and all who reside,

sink to ground

embrace the last love

that elevates beyond pain,

in conflict terms the dead

do not remain,

return flag draped

assured of the path

that righteousness has shown,

all that seems dark

will be the light,

it’s not falling in vain

if the steadfast parliament,

listen and keep the next

generation safe