Darius Ortiz – Three Graces

Three Graces 2010 by Colombian artist Darius Ortiz


life and all inbetween

knotted wings of crows

with scarce strength

rise into rain,

below vegetation

burnished by fall

listens to the calls,

damp rooted trees

in eroded soil

cover to our


revisited after twenty


as one we move

our lives wove a story,

origin in these fields

birth from these fields

as cells would watch

these fields and woodland,

a last exhalation,

we would not return

an act of memory

physical and intricate

framed in the cortex

for tomorrow



Sunday Whirl, poems

Sunday Whirl 119


The Great Exchange

i choke on all bestiary tales that dismorph the heart

all alone in the cabin that disfigures,

tremor of hands that will not still,

abridged conditions i accept,


a pct considered unholy,

i choke on all bestiary tales that dismorph the heart,

raven cleansed lungs sing and breathe,

the burden of my loins sold with caution,


her breasts turn bitter as she wails pain,

i choke on all bestiary tales that dismorph the heart

solitude an empty bed without,

she now silent by my blade and kiss on brow,


that carpetbag of immense wealth,

i choke on all bestiary tales that dismorph the heart

spills gold glitter into my eyes,

and what i see turns dark as they fail




Intervention of the Image

in the museum of cognition,

phantom in copper bronze powder

adheres to canvas

framed on wood,

brush stroke palette knife,

density of a mind made hollow,

dry tongued

he whispered at the image,

walls listened and echoed

each separate word,

as an electronic synthetic being

experience and texture

of emotion differed,

a book the manual

coherent in fifteen languages,

how to distribute light and dark,

surface articulation

leaping thrust of sable,

birds uncommon sang outside


although they never disturbed,

once done,

this dimensional representation

would bring a new context

to rocky outcrops and defined

buildings of a new grown city

Kandinsky and The Russian House

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/6764181″>Kandinsky and the Russian House</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/copernicusfilms”>Copernicus Films</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>