Concrete Cadence

step off the train of thought

instant rain brushed eyelids

memories liquefied by time

cold clinging to fabric

the ride was over,

and without wings

bought with an angels gentleness

which he did not possess

flight too out of the question,

light lifted clouds on

bright shield shoulders

the past puddled about feet,

feet that avoided snare

of grasping brambles

that emerge through concrete

dust rose choking,

run the only option

flesh scraped into sores

to be picked later,

blue filled air

no unbalance steady pace

dropping back to a walk

as it became difficult

air thickened,

the one first deserves

to be blessed,

he so slow fell

to knees exhausted,

tender eyes closed

beneath folds of elliptic flesh,

found in his heart

the place he should of been

engulfed by gasps

of what had been prepared




Under Shapes

i have let go the balloon

so all of montana

can see,

red adventurous not dismal

and shallow,

beyond flatness

and interjection of mountain


i remember the waitress

she with black flat shoes

that squeak,

luscious hips that waved

not so discretely,

in these moments

pulling collar tighter

with the encroaching cold,

that seemed to affect the


so that all i could do

in conversation or

thought is waffle