long night after flesh (world poetry day)

a thick rope about my neck
tethered me to harbor wall
goat to oceans sacrifice,
behind obscured
lights and windows of those
who do not feel this way,
having taken the bus
found myself here,
bagged empty bottle
at my feet,
if any cigarette’s remained
i would of lit one
tasted toasted tobacco
tongue on teeth
chin to chest,
dark swirl foam
nymphs invite embrace
no fear in my heart
not the the fear i had felt
before she touched
fingertips before stepping
out of the door
with him,
closed my eyes wished to fall
forward and accept that
deep fate,
yet i flew
leaving behind the wall
and those if they had looked
would of observed
me leaving


World Poetry Day 2014

endured no more

titian tints of summer yield

forgetting and embracing

wind and rain,

winter would come with shackles

a home,

citadel of seclusion

sphere light bulbs and ticking clocks

here you can contemplate

the different shades of life

and it’s own complex fate,

grey heart beats,

distilled whiskey poured in

glass streaked by fingers

that once touched face,

without silken words

she would return

and the fevered mind would clear

moments of indiscretion

reshape reform

music would attract,

moth like fluttering in her heart

and the once broken tongue

would speak again

healing a process


Living Garments I See

that pinprick of light

pointed onto eyelids,

already a headache begun,

why was the sun so bright,

why did i drink so much vodka,

attempting to keep them shut

scratched fuzz on my stomach,

the sun should not be so bright,

obstinately opened eyes one then


crazy reaction as if all

bipolar and horizontal cells

told the cortex,

what i had seen yesterday was shit

color so enhanced,

beyond glass sky surreal

clouds detected as moisture atoms

that if caught would dissolve in your palm,

clammy not from heat,

but a deep nausea,

everything carried on the axons of retinal

ganglions was transformed,

remembering Suzy,

bedclothes, sheets , cotton,

weave so visual looking as if to crumble

at a touch,

Suzy on her stomach face and breasts

pressed flat,

bare flesh across her spine seemed like

canvas ,a tarpaulin to fold and place away

everything had changed,

what drugs did i use last night,

irregular breathing

even my senses had altered

hard floorboards became springy

as if sap flowed through them again

not caring i was naked at the window,

wanting to be outside,

summer was at its height,

kids played at the hydrant at the end

of the street,

grass a blanket to be rolled,

earth molecules under compressed

could dissolve and turn to dust,

no rain for two weeks,

everything had become garments

on this planet,

removable interchangeable,

air tasted of sky particles

elemental pieces tingling tongue

pollution sour,

could i feel lightning

as it burned in my stomach

acid thunder rumbled,

could i project light beams

that was silly,

lying down

cortex overloaded,

sky lowered to face,

some fragrances carried

as particles caught and molded into


if i spat would it rain

torrents pouring from my mouth,

occipital lobe altered again,

having become an ultimate being

not afraid of my earth anymore,

i raised grayer clouds

so they could pour over me

so that i too became a garment

of the earth.