Bouncing Out Of Isolation

when bouncing upon a bed

you need to use the right

balance for trajectory,

glutinous time

at night becomes

thick dark molasses

holding you back,

yet bounce right

propelled into time

not through it,

as Jamie did

velocity brushed his face,

behind growing smaller,

that infinite box of a room

enclosed in walls of stars,

no imagination necessary

he found landing place,

a shoreline where the

tide never rolls

only a caress,

standing still listening,

silence about,

inland trees of lollipop shapes

now secreted a chorus

of birds,

chirping angrily at this


Jamie stomped footprints

in circles marking his ground,

waving fists beating his chest,

birds lifted from the trees

existing in many colors,

feathers cascading about him,

as if taunting him,

to lay upon them and slumber,

but slumber was a monster

lethargic at first growing

into a fearsome enveloping


where your mind is not your

own and Jamie wanted to

hang on,

Dad would know what to do

appearing on stilts a king

with crown and benevolent


no longer fragile, no longer

left behind on distant soil

damaged and silent,

birds scattered feathers

caught up in breeze swirling


till in tornado form

swept Jamie up,

father he called,

waking sudden within

those glittering star walls,

dark and silence

he was home,

and knew what to do

as tears marked his cheeks

and found feather in jacket