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Faster towards the Edge

the world won’t wait,
clouds swirl
faster than ever,
ready to make the
will pale
as tomorrow
it’s army of futures
gets closer,
and now i am

What the Eyes don’t see.

stripped of caffeine
and day lengthening
a warm calm
prickled his skin,
beside him drawing
short and sharp
on his cigarette
his friend with the
grand idea,
sun snapshot
in rearview ,
spiked fences
invisible people
cars all but gone,
beyond the strip mall
seen in reflection
filled with flatscreen tv’s,
eyes lingered
9mm on dash
would he need it,
tapping on wheel
patience becoming
nothing spoken in
over an hour,
like a film forming
over skin self realization,
not morality
grasped the gun
pointed at his friend
and ordered him out,
fired up a tiring engine,
pulled away,
till he could not see
sun and warehouse
rearview any more.

Lean against the letting go

like pressed garlic
creamy crushed
husk blown away,
i held her
forgetting the argument,
forgiveness and
playing with that
blonde hair
thinking of tomorrow


This was done for Richard Brautigan’s Birthday

Richard Brautigan



 For all things Brautigan visit http://www.brautigan.net


what a word is Wow,
but that exclamation
as you enter
a room,
brushing light
aside in your wake
so all that is visible
is you,
carving that path
with feet so accurate,
that it is a trail no
other can follow,
in exclamation
a loud breath
escaping unmuffled
raising to roofbeams
and lingering there,
not ready to fall
keeping you exalted,
with chest held
part in tremor,
that feeling will not
wow is so simply said
yet resonant forever.
Rubber Deflections

words so rubber
in texture they
can be taken
from the mouth
and bounced across
the floor,
dense and rebounding,
resonating on every
felt even deeper
trying to catch them
even harder
in the twilight
slatted through blinds
without the lamp
and it’s sullen yellow
you would struggle
to combat
the onslaught of words
careening off walls and
in this activity
anger and notion dwindled
till settling in a corner,
coated in dust that
comes from nowhere,
and did you really
want to catch any
just in case they hurt.

Torn by Sea

Earths angry tremors

sends a tide

sprawling over walls

roads ,houses, and hearts

a bitter ocean

leaving debris

shattered timber

shattered souls,

but rise as a reef those

who remain embracing

all touching without insolence

unified we reach out

and hold hands

gathering and standing

as friends

and remember

In memory of those who lost their lives on March 11th 2011 and for those who are now rebuilding.

walking path glazed dark

 sea suspending either side

 soft heart out of reach

primitive flesh

pale against dark,

sinews of night

by candle,

honeyed voices

and gentle sways

of lullabies

arches of iridescence

illuminate painted walls

a moment

extends it’s life

a passenger riding

an hour,

touches that burn

nature that betrays

beyond the hour

all will extinguish

and bear no revealing


sick now and then

on the flight,

watching the carolina shore

shrink out of view

and the sea

dragging its bulk into view

i let all thoughts


do you sometimes

feel that you should

be somewhere else

another day,

or another planet

thats what happens

as you slip into the cradle

of premonition,

a realization,

or understanding

as you feel the plane

dip and see the smoking

flare engorge the engine

no wonder you feel sick

now and then..

Hair yellower than torchlight

.86 acre of land

a house

boathouse on the extreme

in this place

tongued by wavelets

scented moss


upon moth devoured blankets

I saw her hair

was yellower by torchlight ..

UnTitled         14/02/2012

Bathed in

spare light splendor

of desire,

solar burst linger

that seeps throughout

held in this,


as a fly in resin

i rest knowing

with satisfaction

the true ache

of love.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Page

  1. Chris – Appreciated your stopping by “Imagine” – my site and leaving some positive comments. As my grandmother used to say ‘take it from whom (well she didn’t actually say “whom” more likely “who”) it comes… and now that I see from whence (I shouldn’t be saying whence actually) they came – I am absolutely delighted. There is a lyrical rise and fall to the rhythym of your poems – the images fresh and vivid and as you might saying “gripping” that is truly top drawer. Thanks for your comments and please accept a BRAVO for the few poems I’ve read here.


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