Ivan Hare 18/06/27-09/01/13

Ivan Hare 18/06/27-09/01/13



travel not far from my side

alone you will never be,

a dream connects

heart will talk,

deep valleys will not contain

mists draw across

by fingertip i will find,

life a container

a shell that holds

essence and essential you,

written on memory

indelible unsmudged

now slipped

will not escape my grasp

i feel you

as on new travels

across tides

that will wash my cheeks,

will see you

as a new shadow at my side

never forgotten

for my father Ivan Hare son of Wilfred Hare and Nellie Cubbin a fantastic father and friend loved and missed

  1. I’m sorry you lost this wonderful man, but keep him close.

  2. Alex Dissing says:

    Beautiful tribute. I’m sure he would’ve loved it.

  3. Laurie Kolp says:

    His presence is near. What a lovely tribute.

  4. Chris, I hate that you have lost your parent, friend, mentor, and soul’s companion. No words can fill that void or fill it up – but you must continue to try as they are letters to his soul, and a respite for your own. Sending my condolences and prayers for peace.

  5. ayala says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

  6. What a beautiful dedication. So touching. ThankYou for sharing

  7. What a beautiful poem to honor your father. I am very sorry for your loss, I know it is difficult, but be strong.

  8. janehewey says:

    He is alive in your pen and in your tears. True love is spoken here, Chris. May you feel complete again.

  9. brian miller says:

    felt the longing in this…that they will always be there…a wonderful memorial…and i do think they will not tarry far from you….

  10. Spirit walks with you, never to be forgotten. Blessings on this chilly eve

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