Mother Mediates

a scream a real pain scream

what is it

he hit me and took my car away

he is your brother

but he stole it

you live under the same roof

he cannot steal

but it is mine

why not share

not with him he is ugly

he is the same flesh and blood

but i hate him

hate is a strong word

i don’t love him

that is cruel

remember when he helped you

when you where afraid of the dark

i still hate him

he annoys you that is all

and you respond

we love each other in this house

dry those eyes

come here give back the car

sorry mum

don’t apologize to me

apologize to him


say it properly and give him a hug


that is better

friends now

i think so


it can be this simple




11 thoughts on “Mother Mediates

  1. Very Pinteresque. This a suggestion only – not sure you need last 2 lines – or last one – or maybe there’s an irony there too and there’s some extra space that threw me off. Wonderful poem though. k.


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