Ancient Urges

when the light departs the windows

it becomes part of nature,

false it draws out creatures

whose eyes only glitter under the moon,

around cabin walls

muffled voices thrum,

unseen inside a feast has started,

once beckoned by sleep

bedding kicked aside,

they needed to eat

opening refrigerator meat and bread

spread out,

odors of flesh and hunger,

beyond others scent, hear and salivate,

only residence for miles

a human space ever so small,

the prowling few draw closer,

inside man feeds woman,

woman smiles,

kisses and eating

a harvest of solitary confinement

as any creature feeding at night,

that delicious feeling of morsels

passing lips swallowing easily

sweetened with wine,

a lust without blood

and once done

will disperse the light

return wilderness to darkness,

find a fulfilled entwine of sleep

night prevails

and the creatures move on

eyes glitter no more