misshapen methods

of a deeper part,

a thought from word


leaves the silence of the mind,

in childhood you vowed to stand


become a separate species by behaviour,

absorbing light upon the tongue,

bringing radiance to your words,

as you became older

and voice shifts .

tonal extractions became thunder,

leading not following,

joined to your own convictions

no excuses,

you perpetrate

what convinces you as right,

becoming oblivious

to calls and rejections,

these methods are in play,

under the umbrella of a party,

you have made your stand,

and all before become dust




  1. JulesPaige says:

    An appropriate piece in these political months. I can see leaders of both parties standing tall and believing such…and I am but the dust they leave… I think it was both unique and honorable how writers like Shakespeare where able to hide there politics in plain sight with their writing.

    I’ve just added to my story here:

  2. arlenecorwin says:

    Good! Universal! Essential! Tight! (Sounds like my upcoming book “Birth, Death & InBetween”- just a different style.) Arlene

  3. Jo says:

    So true! I love the line, ‘what convinces you as right.’ Really nice piece, thanks for sharing.

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