Saxophone of The Blissful

smoky auburn hair,

eyes shallow closed,

music permeated

the atmosphere,

drawn by the

colluding sound

of a saxophone,

dew down cleavage,

exalted breathing

a rapture,

unraveled my conscious

guiding me to


5 thoughts on “Saxophone of The Blissful

  1. Very sensual and seductive piece here, the smoky hair, the music in the background, the few down cleavage- phew! Really liked how this tumbles down the age in the short form….nice economy of words….kind of like a rapidly beating heart in a rapture….just perfect for this


  2. big smile..i’m playing the saxophone myself and listening to someone, playing it really good takes me to different places…to solace, to madness, to places i don’t even have names for and always leaves me burning and with the longing for more…


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